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What do you do when your web hosting provider comes with a outage that you are unaware of? Well since this just occur to me today I'm still considering how I can prevent this down the road (failover). I tried a live talk to the support and didn't receive a chat response but I did get a message which stated that my website loaded fine. They even sent me a screenshot of my how do people show that it launched without issue. It is very disconcerting for a newbie like myself (over 1 year in the game) to try out hosting downtime that is totally out of my control.

'Ladies and gents, I will be making my hosting debut on SNL Saturday January 26th with kick ass musical guest @kendricklamar!!!' tweeted Adam Levine from his official Twitter account on Thursday. The announcement also included that Kendrick Lamar, a reggae recording artist, will be providing the music to the evening.

My latest project actually lead me to some series of dot ws domains. All of the sites I came across has really top quality names together excellent designs too so I figured learning more about dot ws can be worthwhile. It turns out that dot ws refers to website the ones unique designs I had run into were actually templates. What really caught my interest was that the services they offered didn't end there either!

Bluevoda Website Builder carries a desktop builder that permits you to build your website right from your desktop. I didn't require online to develop it, I didn't have to be connected to the internet unless I was publishing my updated work. But that has been AFTER I bought hosting. Before I bought hosting I would go directly to me desktop, launch the editor and initiate working and building.

Load balancing requires distribution of training between two or more dedicated servers to ensure that if one gets clogged another one is available to work. The act depends mainly on two factors; Network transfer speed and Server response time. The load balancing helps the strain to be evenly or unevenly balanced (based on server specifications and capabilities). There are few programs like CGI that need two equally high configuration servers whereas others may not require very high configuration servers. A server may be live or possibly a server may be fail-over only.

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